Eileen Fisher X CFDA

'Social Innovator' Residency


Called the 'Social Innovator' program, Lucy Jones, Teslin Doud and Carmen Gama, all Parsons grads, were tasked to come up with the next steps for the Green Eileen initiative, a take-back program that accepts worn Eileen Fisher garments from customers and re-sells them at Green Eileen locations across the U.S. The graduates' assignment was to prototype commercially viable ways to up-cycle the damaged Eileen Fisher garments that were unable to be resold in their current conditions into 100 percent original designs, breathing new life into old materials to make garments with zero waste.


The completed capsule collection named "Remade in the USA" was a collaboration between Jones, Doud and Gama and was the focus of an exclusive Pop-up store in Brooklyn (a glass-house to be exact). The original Remade collection was sold alongside Eileen Fisher mainline and Green Eileen products, demonstrating a 360 view of the lifecycle of an Eileen Fisher garment.

Responsibly Made. Recycled. Remade.




"The Trio":


"The year of the EILEEN FISHER Social Innovator Award flew by, but was packed full of incredibly rewarding, nourishing and educating experiences. This past year will be held close to our hearts as the most solid foundation and jumping off point for the rest of our careers in sustainable fashion. EILEEN FISHER is truly a unique company- not only are the employees passionate, proud and welcoming, but the transition and transparency of Vision 2020 and the sustainable efforts of the whole company in general, are brave and admirable. EILEEN FISHER truly sets the bar for the entire fashion industry.


It’s hard to put into words all that we have had the pleasure of being a part of this past year. We have been humbled, challenged, inspired and invigorated. We are so grateful to EILEEN FISHER and the CFDA for believing in us and supporting us during our first year out of school. Where our careers will take each of us is unclear, but this year has made certain our commitment to sustainability and our dedication to helping to create a more positive and inclusive fashion industry.


Thank you to everyone who has been a part of, and has followed us through our year as EF x CFDA Social Innovators."

-Lucy Jones, Teslin Doud and Carmen Gama, Social Innovators.